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Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1) - K. Bromberg Spoilerish Points

- An adopted, wealthy, good looking man with a troubled childhood before his adoption.
- An "average" girl
- Communicating between emails/texts and songs
- An arrangement not a relationship because "I don't do the girlfriend thing"

I've seen this somewhere before.... and it wasn't that great the first time around.

The whole "Your mine" but "I don't date or do the girlfriend thing" is so irritating. Fine, you don't "do" the girlfriend thing but you claim absolute possession after a romp. That's a bit much and slightly stalkerish. Colton's behaviors are so all over the map. His stalkerish and overhanded techniques to see Rylee are absurd. I honestly couldn't find the appeal. His one liners made me gag and his dialogue drove me insane. Who talks like that? I can appreciate some sexy talk but he was just awkward.

The only good thing going for this plot was Rylee's job and Colton's attitude to help her.